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Leslie's Picks at 10% off: Barefoot Books to supplement your April-May Kindermusik class

Barefoot Books to supplement your April-May Kindermusik class

We all delight in the arrival of spring and the anticipation of spending more time outside, but young children experience an extra level of excitement as they see new growth and new little critters! Our current Kindermusik themes are focusing on exploring the wonders of the outdoors through music, movement, instruments, and rhymes, with the experience supported through access to the Kindermusik Parent Portal. Your child's world can be opened more fully by the addition of any of the Barefoot Books listed below that I have carefully selected as supplements to your Kindermusik experience. Please place your order here and I will have them for you at class or deliver them to your home. Ongoing members receive an additional 10% discount. Please contact me for your discount code if you have not received it. (Out-of-stock items are expected to be in stock by 4/25.)

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