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Baby’s Social and Emotional World

3,600. That’s the approximate number of times a baby needs a diaper change in the first year alone. (Yowzer! That’s a lot of diapers.) Each one of those diaper changes satisfies baby’s physical needs, but it also meets his developing social and emotional needs. That’s because every time your baby cries and you respond by relieving his distress, the vital parent-child connection is strengthened. Building an attachment and a sense of trust not only lays a solid foundation for social and emotional development, but also primes your baby’s brain for learning.

In Kindermusik class, we create many moments that strengthen and celebrate this vital parent-child connection. Every time you sing lovingly to your little one, your bond grows stronger. With each gentle touch, rock, or lap bounce, your bond grows stronger. And every time you gaze into your child’s eyes and smile during tummy time, your bond grows stronger. As your baby grows, this attachment—and the resulting sense of security and trust it fosters—gives your little one the confidence to explore new environments, try new things, and make new friends.

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